1-hour FREE jazz and classical performance for hotels!

Hours Price
1 $150
2 $300
3 $375
4 $450

Optional Packages

(25% off reg. 1 hour)

The Boutique
10 plays per month
1 hour long
$1,125 price
The 5 Star
10 plays per month
hours long
Franchising Frank
16 plays per month
1 hours long
$1,800 price

Booking Requests

Add vocalist?
Bring My Keys?
Jazz or Classical, both?
Love the way Joe plays jazz - expressive, thoughtful, and complex while still melodic and singable.
— Anne M.
Joe and Arianna’s easy jazz background to brunch was perfect. Joe’s serious jazz piano skills are the perfect accompaniment to Arianna’s ‘Nora Jones-esque’ vocals.
— Linda D.