Compositions & Film Scores

Painting worlds in sound.



An action packed sample of my orchestral writing.


Composed for the 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition.

Feature 2

Re-scored this scene from the 1980 film, Total Recall, directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Total Recall - rescoring

Photo by carloscastilla/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by carloscastilla/iStock / Getty Images

Feature 3

One morning I awoke from a dream. I felt like I was falling from the sky. It came with the emotion of falling, yet without being hurt or stopped. When I began to wake up, I started hearing this melody. So I was like “okay it’s time to start writing this morning.” I’m pretty sure it was inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, and its legendary composer, Joe Hisaishi. What’s weird is that this experience was just like the opening of The Wind Rises, (also a Ghibli film) where the young boy with dreams of creating the world’s best airplanes, finds himself dropping from a dream.

Go Ichinose - Composer Joe Prior - pianist /arranger Karl Lungmus - guitar Amanda Chiu - album art

Pokemon Cover!

Arranged and recorded with my friend Karl Lungmus.