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  • Find the audience that is already looking for you.

  • Discover, understand, and refine your brand and image.

  • Use the right digital marketing that makes sense in the music world.

  • Understand the consumer psychology of your listeners.

  • Plan a strategic approach to retaining your fans based on proven marketing principles.

Joe Prior is here to solve your problems. He has an eye for aesthetic and an ear for listening. Prior has flexible hours and critical thinking. I would recommend Joe to anyone in the [music] business that knows how to play their instrument, but not sh*t else, and needs to look professional in a moment’s notice.
— McKenzie Tucker

Ask me some questions, and we could put your music where it belongs-- in the spotlight!

Target Your Audience

I help bands find their audience, as if they've never met before. And I focus on narrowing in, around the waist. Narrower the better. Seems kind of strange right? But defining your target is more important than firing in all directions.

Plan Your Efficacy, Not Efficiency

It's about choosing your battles.

Small amounts of poor advertising, amplified to a large scale equals large amounts of worse marketing.

Get more traction, not just more advertising

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