I play 5-star jazz piano.


What separates a 5-star hotel from the OTAs?

Hoteliers know that guests need the essentials: wifi, a place to sit and think, hangout and converse, get information.

And most hotel lobbies are furnished with just that.

But the question for upper-level hotels is "how do we signal a truly 5-star experience?"

Well, how about if the lobby is extraordinary?

The first, middle, and last thing the guest do is-- visit the lobby.

The ideal hotel lobby

The best lobbies are an extension of their surrounding city-- they invite a collaboration between guests and their new environment, making them feel comfortable.

In Nashville, the message could be, "Hello! Welcome to music city."


Let's say your hotel is performing at the top of the industry, but guest retention could be better. You consider hiring live music. On the peak lounging hours, you hire a jazz pianist to play.

What good will that do?

The most intangible needs are what separates the best from the rest.

Once a hotel has offered the expected services, all that remains to be delivered is the mood, quality, and customer service.

Here's the math:

This may not generate new guests, but how does this improve your chances of customers coming back?

Let's say 100 people hear me play, during a 2 hour performance in your lobby or lounge.

30 of those guests talk to their friends about what they heard in the hallways, creating a memory.

2/3 of those remarks were positive, indicating most guests enjoyed hearing "Body and Soul" and "Tea for Two", and Chopin and Beethoven in the background.

And then 10% of those 20 happy guests, remember the pianist when they book their next travel:

These two return customers, bring a profit, along with their families of... well, that's up to you to decide.

More or less, does it make a profit of more than my cost? Will the presence of a pianist be used to enhance the image in the long term?

If you're a hotel,  Get a FREE 45 minute jazz piano performance, by clicking on the BUTTON below. I'm sure your guests will love it.