Are you learning the art of improvisation and jazz?  It is a complicated subject.

When I was starting to learn these things, I didn't have a teacher. And I couldn't find one around central Florida, so I had to do it from the ground up, reading as many different books and watching videos, and going to summer jazz camps.

I think most pianists want to be able to express their emotions freely, but many don't know how to do that without sheet music. I've always wanted it to be an instant connection with the instrument.

I've been a pretty successful performer and composer, but I'm very proud of mentoring my students and friends in college, on the subject of jazz and improvisation. I wanted to make the journey less... tedious and complicated. Although it still is.

Sadly, when I was a high school student, I still couldn’t find many people to teach me about jazz and improvisation. I don’t want to see this be an empty hole in the music education of upcoming students.

At least though, I had occasional lessons with a university professor who was very inspiring. And my percussion teacher’s boyfriend played jazz trombone and taught me to play bass-lines in my left hand.

I’m going be honest-- it is hard to find a dedicated teacher of jazz, and piano, especially in Nashville. I went out on a limb, moving to "music-city" to learn jazz piano at Belmont. University

I think it paid off though.

I teach jazz and commercial piano.

Is that what you're looking for?

It's best if you contact me in early January before my studio fills up. I don't take many students.

Okay... your turn now:

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Peace and joy,

- Joe


Joe Prior teaches, and plays jazz piano for corporate parties in Nashville, played with Sheryl Crow on Christmas at Belmont. He holds a degree in Commercial Music from Belmont University in his file cabinet.

He has taught piano classes since high school, including volunteering at W.O. Smith School of Music, where he developed an innovative teaching style.

He loves exploring Romantic classical, jazz, and video game music.